Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I loved this children's book...

Love & Kisses -by Sarah Wilson

Blow a kiss and let it go,
You'll never know how love will grow!
Smooch and Smack!
You kiss your cat.
Your cat may kiss a cow
The cow may kiss a giggling goose,
the goose a fish--somehow!
The fish splish! splash!
may kiss a fox
The fox may kiss a frog.
The frog may jump to plant a kiss
upon a friendly dog.
The dog may kiss a frisky horse
and catch him by surprise!
The horse may kiss a red-winged bird
with twinkles in her eyes.
The bird may fly to kiss a cow,
who'll laugh a great big "Moooo!"
The cow may run to kiss a cat,
who'll then kiss...
Kisses! Kisses!
Smooch and SMACK!
You'll have your love
and kisses back!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The kids and I are in California...

In September the kids and I packed a few things and headed for the beach. Sure it was an 8 hour drive, but going to Monterey is always worth the effort, right? We only stayed for one night but we had so much fun. Kaitlin and I decided that we want to live there someday, she thinks it'll take us about four years to be able to afford a place. Love her for that. I wonder what her plan is.